2015 International Spinach Conference Talks

Ainong Shi - SNP Discovery, Genetic Diversity and Association Analysis in Spinach

Brian Collins - Evaluation of management practices for Fusarium wilt in bunching spinach in Ontario, Canada

Chunda Feng - Efforts to develop a reference genome of the spinach downy mildew pathogen

Chunda Feng - Technical advances in the molecular sequencing efforts with spinach

Dale Krolikowski - New technology for organic spinach growers

Jan de Visser - The challenges of spinach breeding

Jason Pavel - Evaluation of biofungicides for downy mildew control

Jim Correll - Update on the variation of the downy mildew pathogen

Kurt Lamour - Genetic diversity of the spinach downy mildew pathogen

Kurt Nolte - International spinach conference

Larry Stein - High density spinach production in Texas and disease management

Lindsey du Toit - Suppression of Fusarium wilt in spinach seed production using compost

Lindsey du Toit - Phomopsis (Diaporthe) & spinach seed: history, concerns, and research update

Mary Zischke - CA Leafy Greens Research Program: Origins, goals, industry data

Mike Matheron - Comparison of chemical management tools for spinach and lettuce downy mildew

Richard Smith - Nutrient and water use of fresh market spinach

Sierra Hartney - Methods and idiosyncrasies working with spinach downy mildew

Steve Klosterman - Quantification of airborne Peronospora for downy mildew disease warning

Steve Koike - An overview of diseases affecting spinach production in California

Steve Koike - E. coli and Salmonella on spinach and lettuce: Novel field studies in California's Salinas Valley

Steve Ray - Snapshot of the spinach seed community

Tim Miller - Recent herbicide trials in spinach seed crops

Victor Sanchez-Sava - ThermoSeed (TS): a sustainable way to control pathogens in spinach seed