Spain Presentations

Session I: Challenges of Spinach Seed/Product Production

Spinach seed production in the Pacific Northwest USA – Lindsey du Toit

Can French Coastal areas be a new solution for spinach seed production? Anthony Gorin

Spinach seed production in New Zealand – Jay Schafer

Spinach production in the European Union – Alec Roberts

Conventional and organic spinach production in the US; Perspective from an organic grower/shipper. – Ramy Colfer

California Seed Association’s organic spinach committee’s support of the organic spinach community. – Dale Krolikowski

Developing a new spinach breeding program for California. – Juliana Osorio-Marin

Water challenges in vegetable production in California. – Amy White

Session II: Spinach Molecular Approaches and Downy Mildew

Genetic diversity, genome-wide association study and genomic selection in spinach. – Ainong Shi

Spinach genome and its transcriptome variation provide insights into evolution, domestication, and important nutrient traits. – Zhangjun Fei

Combining high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping to improve spinach breeding efficiency. – Carlos Avila

Molecular markers for spinach sex determination gene. – Chunda Feng

A reference genome sequence for Peronospora effusa: towards the molecular dissection of race specificity. – Burt Bluhm

Overview of downy mildew disease resistance and race diversity. – Jim Correll

Whole genome variation in 2016 field populations of spinach downy mildew. – Kurt Lamour

Oospore production, viability, and incidence on spinach seed. – Shyam Kandel (requested to not be posted)

Seed health protocol development for spinach downy mildew. – Sierra Hartney

Evaluation of oospores on spinach seed. – Bo Liu

Session III: Diseases and Management

Characterizations of spinach leaf spot pathogens and fungicide efficacy. – Bo Liu

Determining the genetic basis of pathogenicity of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. spinaciae on spinach. – Alex Batson

Soilborne disease management in Australia. – Len Tesoriero

Rhizoctonia: seedling disease or web blight in Texas spinach? – Kim Cochran

A multidisciplinary approach to improve damping-off tolerance in spinach. – Kim Magnee (requested to not be posted)

Development of a spinach white rust management strategy in Texas. – Larry Stein

White rust: beyond borders. – Jim Correll

Session IV: Spinach Research (potpourri)

Tissue culture approaches for spinach research on disease resistance. – Maria Villarroel

Genome sequencing of spinach Near Isogenic Line 1 and candidate resistance genes. – Braham Singh

Evaluation of natamycin seed treatments for Stemphylium botryosum and other necrotrophic fungi on spinach seed. – Lindsey du Toit

PurGrow: a novel methodology for cleaning seed and managing diseases. – Chunda Feng

Subterranean collembola, a challenging pest of spinach seed production. – Beverly Gerdeman

Food safety strategies for preventing the contamination of spinach with foodborne pathogens – A Texas and global approach. – Marcel Valdez

Insights into nitrogen assimilation and oxalic acid metabolism in spinach. – Vijay Joshi